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Sunday, 19 September 2021

If you want to lose some weight, Platinum Wellness wants to help!

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If you want to lose some weight, Platinum Wellness wants to help!
If you want to lose some weight, Platinum Wellness wants to help!

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Feeling a little blob?

Maymaybe gaining some weightbecause your body is justof balance.

Well, how abouinto balance joining us thAnthony Infantino from plahe says they can actuallyto feel better and that isbody back inal bance.

So dto see you and why they doyou're out of balance.

Yeathe symptoms tt hayou mentreasons people come to seeup happening is people asstart blaming things like,a little way to have a litdigestion or sleep or off.realize is their bodies sibalance internally.

And onaffects us in particular iSo when a person comes intdoc.

I'm bringing like perand food journals, like, wAnd like very often they'rwron Ig.t's just that theitheir fat storages, hormonSo they try to lose weightThey're like, man, I don'tto exercise in the first peven changes.

So like bangthe wall.

And what I try tis weight gain.

Just likeAgain, it can be a symptomnot working right internalSo what is it that you doI think the bottom line isroot cause of the problem.weight gain is because likyour gut is out of balancemeans if you don't have enhealthy bacteria.

What stayour pancreas will pump ouhelp digest odfo, insulin'storage hormone All the whkind of bloated or gassy.bad and then they're liketo matter what I eat.

I caagain if fat storage hormoout of balance, that's justhat sluggish or fatty cycare all things will make fgo really high and then yoexercise.

That the cows coburning hormones go up.

Buhigher than fat storage nowhat happens then right?

BI want you to check out whatPitino's patients had to sThe experience has been amup now.

I've lt os£82 andmy life is completely diffAs of today, 12 weeks late5.4.

I lost £50.

My energya lot better.

My wife saysI've lost £ s31ince I've bgot the reset that it needIs non existent.

My my musUm My neuropathy is gone.taking 38 units a day of ifor type two diabetes.

Thehugely successful.

I am tathis program struggling wiand my weight was higher tUm I struggle and I have s10 years with shhaimoto'sin.

So I had some hesitatiI could do this program anto travel But you can't.

Iat it.

Um I went through toriginally anticipated as£43.

I feel totally amazinchanged your life.

Yeah anidea here.

Right again.

Itroot cause of the problemdo symptom management viablood sugar cholesterol.

Aanybody wants to manage thThe idea is getot the soua special offer for you onbrought this for the firstcall and you'll get a onefor $25.

A free bottle ofand dr Infantino is book aThat's a $350 value.


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