The new BMW iX - Automated Valet Parking @IAA MOBILITIY
The new BMW iX - Automated Valet Parking @IAA MOBILITIY

At the International Motor Show (IAA) Mobility 2021, which will take place from September 7 to 12 in Munich, the BMW Group will be showcasing in a variety of ways what premium urban mobility could look like in the future.

One example of this is the Automated Valet Parking project, which was developed together with the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and other partners.

For the first time, interested parties will have the opportunity to experience automated and driverless parking and service functions up close in a unique demonstration.

The focus of the impressive demonstration is the new technology flagship of the BMW Group, the BMW iX.

As an innovator in the development fields of software, digital services and networking, the fully electric SUV is able to communicate with the infrastructure and to carry out automated, driverless parking processes.

Particular attention is paid to the safety of the driving maneuvers and the data exchange required for this between the vehicle, smartphone app and parking garage infrastructure.

In doing so, the BMW Group is underlining that safety always has the highest priority.

In addition to the complete parking process, viewers experience other automated service functions such as washing or charging the BMW iX with the help of robots.