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Thursday, 23 September 2021

Montage Film Festival

Credit: WSFL - Scripps
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Montage Film Festival
Montage Film Festival

The montage film series ispompano Beach Arts dot organd producer, Kathleen Deadirector and cinematographtomorrow, both of you.


How are you?


We love the arts hereflorida.

Want to start witmontage film series is a mby you.

Why is this such aAn incredible event for peof indie films?

Well, I'mthat question.

The montageand established filmmakerssense of community where tconversation.

Our viewersthe last thursday of everya film and then have uh anwith the film's director.because here we know we'reto movies and being enthrathe story behind what wentjourney of the art.

I thinmost incredible thing thatthis.

Um, Kathleen of yearyou for your 48 hour filmthe pandemic montage, movebeen very successful to haart there, correct?

Absolulike so many other people,So we brought the montageit's been so incredible beall over the globe.

So theon film.

It's been really,time.

Miguel, Good morningform is your film Sunday sit.


Sunnyside came aoff for a um, alum and it'set in south florida and ithat you don't really hearYou know, Miami is alwaysthat you don't really hearand the wildlife and the cstuff you hear in the movithe story about across thewho live not in Miami beacinheritance, about family,we wanted just to tell itforward and very honestly,to bring this, this thesemasses.

You know, I grew uby films, but all the phonreally saw people that soulooked like me or had my b