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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Thursday Forecast 10.14.21

Credit: WSFL - Scripps
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Thursday Forecast 10.14.21
Thursday Forecast 10.14.21

Happy Thursday.

I'm meteortaking a look at the tropibroad area of low pressurethe Turks and Caicos produshowers and storms. And thmove away from us.

It doesof development over the neregardless of formation, taway from us here in the Usome heavy rainfall thoughLesser Antilles and the reremain quiet at this time,the forecast producing anare going to be seeing somild side for the start ofthen showers and storms poeastern coast in the morniwill start to move west toMyers Marco Island, seeingstorms in this area.

As wepart of the day, forecastthe upper eighties, low niout in Tampa and then uppeparts of north florida, ovlow to mid seventies acrosand south florida.

Just athe night for your fridayshowers with that onshorein the mid to upper eightiand then for your saturday

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