I'm Attacked For Being Paralysed And Pregnant | LOVE DON'T JUDGE
I'm Attacked For Being Paralysed And Pregnant | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

AN INTERABLED couple have hit back at online trolls who have criticised them for their decision to start a family.

Alyssa and Jimmy, both 30, from New York, USA, met online in the summer of 2013, and soon fell in love, tying the knot in June 2019 - six years to the day from their first date.

But the couple has sadly had to deal with some judgement, due to the fact that Alyssa is disabled.

"My disability is a C1 C2 spinal cord injury," she explained.

"There's a lot of assumptions that I get - not [just about] me, [but about] people in general with disabilities.

"[People think] they're not capable of doing anything, they just sit at home and mope, they're not able to fall in love.

There's just so many." Jimmy added: "Sometimes, a question we get would be like, 'Oh, am I with her because I have some sort of fetish for people in wheelchairs?'" Thankfully the pair also have a lot of online support and try to focus on the positives.

But when Alyssa began documenting her pregnancy with their first baby, Luke, who was born in May, on Instagram, where she has 112,000 followers, she was sadly met with some criticism, with strangers calling her "irresponsible".

Jimmy said: "They don’t know our situation and how much she is capable of.

She's an amazing girlfriend, fiancé, now wife and mother and I just can't wait to keep growing as a family together." https://www.instagram.com/wheel.life.in.the.wheel.world/