Dad shares best 'birth control' ever
Dad shares best 'birth control' ever

This TikTok parent’s depiction of life before and after kids is a hilarious form of “birth control”.TikToker Bryan Albrandt's (@bryanalbrandt) clip features a montage describing how sweet life was before becoming a parent and how having kids ruined everything.“So you wanna have kids, huh?” Albrandt asks while scrubbing a wall covered in crayon scribbles.“I used to have a nice clean house every single day.

Now I don’t even clean the house ‘cause it’s just going to get wrecked in 20 minutes anyway,” .he warns right before tripping over a bunch of toys on wheels.“I used to leave the house with just my phone, wallet and keys.

That was it.

Now I have to bring my phone, wallet, keys, stroller, diaper bag, toys, extra clothes for the ki-… Oh my god, the kids.

Where are the kids?” .The clever video struck a chord with parents and non-parents alike for its hilarious relatability and effectiveness.“I was thinking about having kids soon, but this video was too effective,” joked one user